Great Loop Section #5

9/22/14-9/30/14 300 miles down-Mammoth Hot Springs to 7 Mile Bridge.

It turned out that we saved the best for last. Our final trip on the trail would take us around Electric Peak, across the Sky Rim Trail, and down the Gneiss Creek trail to our final destination at 7 Mile Bridge.


Yellow September 377

Daily pic.  Every day of the trip we took a photo with our digits indicating what day of the trip we were on.  The above pic was taken on day 22.

Yellow September 380

View of Electric Peak from our campsite.

Yellow September 383

Welcome to Sky Rim Trail.

Yellow September 390

Day 23

Yellow September 393

Electric Peak in the background.


Yellow September 468Yellow September 458Yellow September 447

I was so obsessed with Zack’s Jetboil,

by the end of the trip i was taking portraits of it in action.

Yellow September 428Yellow September 418Yellow September 396Yellow September 469Yellow September 474Yellow September 478Yellow September 511Yellow September 513

Our day along the Sky Rim Trail was unbelievable.  We had spectacular views in every direction the entire day.  The wildlife was amazing as well, we saw a moose as we gained the ridge and had an amazing sighting of a mountain goat.  I can’t believe I’ve spent so much time in Yellowstone and this is the first time I’ve hiked Sky Rim.


Yellow September 524

Arches along the trail.

Yellow September 527

Zack taking a break and enjoying the scenery.

Yellow September 529

Petrified tree.

YNP 021

Mission accomplished!


 Two buds 30 days, 300 miles, and still smiling!

Thanks for a great adventure Zack!

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