Highway of tears and the Icefields Parkway

August 29th-September 11th

From the very first days of planning this trip I knew that Jasper and Banff National parks were going to be one of the highlights.  It turned out to be more amazing than I had imagined.  After a week on highway 16, The Highway of Tears, it was a welcome change to make it into the mountains again.

To be clear the Icefields Parkway is truly a bikers dream come true.   Beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, and when we were there we experienced light traffic. For this stretch of the trip some of my family joined for the week.  I put the bulk of my gear into the car and hit the Parkway riding with my younger brother.  The days were filled riding over mountain passes with spectacular glacial views, and the evenings were filled sitting around the campfire and catching up with family. We even hit two hot springs during the week, which was great for my sore muscles. It was a really rejuvenating week!

We had a great group.  Mom was our constant cheerleader, making sure that everyone was happy, and full on pumpkin chocolate cookies.  Turns out Derrick is a bit of a pyro, which ensured that we always had a raging campfire to warm up next to, at all hours of the day! It was, so nice to have Torsten my younger brother as a riding partner for the week.  He pushed hard and was always way out ahead.  Training  by riding his bike to work everyday more than prepared him for the mountain passes in the Parks!

I’m so thankful that the Fam ended up joining me for the week.  I had an amazing time! Thanks for making the trip guys!


T was a hill crushing machine!


This little flag and I have been through a lot together.  Bob finally gave up the ghost!


I didn’t get a picture of the guy, but this is where a tourist practically walked over T to get a photo of the mountains.


Jasper in September is a bikers dream come true.

Wide shoulders and very little traffic!




Happy Brothers!


Ready for a day ride without all the weight of my gear.

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