Colorado Trail-Waterton Canyon to Lost Creek

CT Segments 1-4, 37.6 miles

Day 2

We awoke on day two with the familiar aches and pains from the first day on the trail. Day 1 had been tougher than expected, we’d put on a few extra miles doubling back to find Bear creek.  Where the creek crossed the trail there wasn’t even a drop of water, but not far up the creek bed there were several quality pools for filtering.  This was a helpful reminder for our first day to pay attention to upcoming water sources.

Buffalo Creek burn in the distance.

We made our way through mostly burned forest down to the S. Platte river.  We spent a few relaxing hours by the river, enjoying the beautiful weather. Following our extended break we crossed the river and headed up towards Chair Rocks. We were delighted and surprised to see a small black bear sitting on a rock in one of the burn areas.  The light colored bear caught wind of us and headed north over the next ridge.

South Platte River
Hydration station
Campsite in the Ponderosas

Day 3

Day 3

Day three brought us beautiful weather and a perfect trail.  We made quick time cruising a smooth section of trail through rolling hills.  In the morning we intersected County Rd-126 and made a short detour to fill up our water.  Just off the trail there is a Firehouse that offers water refills from a spigot on the side of the station.(Bring cash so you can throw them a small donation)  We were thankful to have this oasis in what had been a pretty dry stretch of trail. Thanks to the crew at the Firehouse for making this a possibility!

Approaching Rd 126
Drying out after some rain

After cameling up on some water at the Firehouse we headed south.  The trail skirted the county road for a stretch and we encountered loads of mountain bikers as we approached Little Scraggy Trailhead.  Everyone we encountered was awesome.  The mountain bikers were all having a blast out on the perfect trails. They were extremely courteous, taking the time to say hi, and yielding as we passed.  We did encounter a few yahoos that had loud speakers blaring music as they passed.  We dubbed these unfortunate individuals the Double Douchebags. (You know who you are.)

Dinner time!

Day 4-Birthday resupply!


Trail magic!

Friends are so awesome! Not only did our buddy come out to bring our resupply, she also brought B-Day treats to celebrate Katie’s special day. Homemade whoopie pies were by far the highlight of the day! What a great way to celebrate. Resupplying is always a special time. The five of us sat around in the dirt happy as can be. We were like kids in a candy store, as we inventoried our new found wealth of calories.

Whoopie Pie delivery
Happy birthday girl.

Fat and happy we continued another 9 miles to the North Fork of Lost creek.  There were a bunch of great camping options nestled in the trees at the edge of the meadow.  We settled in and focused on reducing the weight of our heavy food bags.

Approaching North Fork Lost Creek
Eat all the things.

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