CT- Lost Creek to Breckenridge

CT Segments 4-6, 55 miles


Day 5

Things got interesting on day 5.  We’d planned on doing about 16 miles and camping along Johnson Gulch.  We found a decent camp spot in the gulch, but it turned out that there wasn’t any water flowing in the gulch.  Being early afternoon we didn’t have enough water to dry camp for the night.  The group decided to push on to Kenosha pass, another 6 miles.


The shadows grew long as we made our way up and over the final climb of the day. We pushed the last 6 miles at a quick pace, excited to get water at Kenosha pass. Heads up if you’re heading this same direction there are two campgrounds when you get to Hwy-285 one on the east side and one on the west side of the Hwy. For water you’ll want the camp on the west side of the hwy. (no water on the east side)


As the sun set it became clear that our entire group wasn’t going to make it the full 22 miles to Kenosha pass. Three of us having pushed ahead, had no idea that behind us two members of the group, completely pooped, had decided to set up camp rather than push on.  The three of us that had pushed on spent the evening licking our wounds.  We were exhausted from an unplanned long day, and dehydrated from the lack of water.  Even the easy things like making dinner were made more difficult by the exhaustion.  Our evening was made even more uneasy by the fact that Morgan and Lisa hadn’t made it into Kenosha pass.

Exhausted after a long day.
Sunsets on our longest day.

Meanwhile a couple miles out of Kenosha pass campground Morgan and Lisa had decided to set up camp rather than push on through the dark.  We found out the next morning that they had quite an exciting evening.  Sleeping soundly, in the early morning they were abruptly awakened when a mother black bear nudged Morgan through the wall of the tent. They peeked out of their tent and saw a mother black bear with two cubs. The rest of the night was spent making loud noises and banging trekking poles together. They did not have a very restful night!

Day 6

Georgia Pass

Morgan and Lisa, after a sleepless night, packed up and caught up with the rest of the group early the next morning.  Completely spent from the night of the bears Morgan and Lisa set up camp at Kenosha and settled in for a relaxing afternoon.  The rest of the team hiked on, up and over Georgia pass.

Near Georgia Pass

Heading down from the highpoint of Georgia Pass, we hit the Continental Divide Trail. (CDT) For the next 300 or so miles the CDT and the CT are one and the same. Stepping onto the CDT you can’t help but dream about spending a summer exploring the 3,000 plus miles of trail. Just knowing that the trail under you extends all the way from Mexico to Canada brings a little hop to your step.  That adventure will have to wait for another day.




Day 7

Slopes of Breck in the distance

Motivated by showers, pizza, and cold beer we made quick work of the miles going into Breckenridge.  The excitement of a day in town peaked as we took the final switchbacks down to Hwy 9.  A short shuttle into town and we were ready for some R&R!

Smooth sailing into Breck.
Almost to town.

Day 8

Zero day doesn’t mean zero calories.

Reunited with Morgan and Lisa we were all ready for relaxation and some good food.  We’d arranged a place to stay that was walking distance to downtown Breckenridge, which turned out to be perfect.  We drank, we ate, we soaked in the hot tub, we ate, and we drank!  We also laughed, and laughed, and laughed. It was exactly what we needed after the first week on the trail.

Zero day fun!

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