Beautiful British Columbia

Aug 15th-Aug 28th 2000 miles for the trip.

From Whitehorse in the Yukon I opted to head south into southeastern Alaska.  In the town of Skagway, AK I boarded a ferry for the state capital. The next three days were a relaxing summer cruise through the inside passage.  I spent a 24 hour layover exploring Juneau and then two days on the ferry to get to Prince Rupert in BC.

In Juneau I spent the day hiking around the West Glacier trail to Mendenhall Glacier.  I ran into a couple locals and they guided me to the Ice Caves at the foot of the glacier.  Being under the glacier was like being in another world.  The entire cave glowed with the deep blue of the glacial ice.   Glacial melt dripped from the ceiling, quickly penetrating our clothes.  I only spent about ten minutes in the cave.(as you can imagine not a really safe place to be)  The few minutes that I was inside were extremely humbling. From inside the cave I could feel the power of the immense river of ice above.

That night I sleep in the grass at the ferry terminal.  The Matanuska Ferry departed at 4:45am the following morning.  Once I was on board I searched the vessel for a place to get some sleep.  I found a perfect spot in the solarium on the upper deck.  The solarium reminded me of an international hostel.  Travelers from all over the world had gathered in the solarium to spend a relaxing two days cruising south though the inside passage.  Reclining beach chairs were available, which people set up with their sleeping pads and sleeping bags for a comfortable nights sleep.  I spent a great two days relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery of the inside passage.

The Ferry docked in Prince Rupert, BC where I hopped back on my bike. I’ve got another 350 miles or so before I get to Jasper National Park, where I’ll be meeting family.  Really looking forward to having a riding companion and family to sit around the campfire with at the end of the day.  Jasper National Park here we come!



Catamaran from Skagway to Juneau


Leaving Skagway, AK.


Solarium aboard the Matanuska Ferry.


Mendenhall Glacier from camp.


Posing with the glacier after a much needed shower!


Mendenhall Glacier from the West Glacier trail.


Approaching Mendenhall


Mendenhall Glacier


Entrance to the Ice Caves


Ice Caves


Beautiful blue of the glacial ice.


Happy Boy!


Hit 2000 in the town of Smithers, BC

4 thoughts on “Beautiful British Columbia

  1. Love the pics–A tiny fraction of how cool it really is to experience it, but I get a piece of it because you’re living it! Thanks for sharing your journey.

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  2. So glad you got to explore the ice caves, a favorite local hike. You will love the biking through Jasper. Who I was there years ago the shoulders where well pave and win enough for 2 bikers to safely cycle side by side in places! Heading back to the lower 48!


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