Lost Coast Trail

Three days along the beautiful California coast. Following a long shuttle to reach the Mattole Trailhead we hit the beach. As we started our trip through the King Range Wilderness our pace was sluggish.  The weight of our beer laden packs was compounded by the white sand that we trudged through. Shortly after setting out we came across our first Seals, sunning themselves on the beach, below the Punta Gorda Lighthouse.

California 003California 008California 012California 018California 020California 023California 026ACalifornia 030

After a short break at the Lighthouse we continued south along the coast.  The trail climbed slightly away from the beach onto a grass filled bench, that made for very pleasurable hiking.

California 037California 041California 042California 044California 048

The evenings along the Lost Coast trail were unbelievable.  Both nights we camped along creeks that offered fresh water for cooking and drinking.  We sipped our beers and smiled with joy as the waves crashed against the beach.

California 055California 062California 075California 080California 084California 087

On the last morning we woke to a thick fog that blanketed the coast.  As the fog slowly cleared we were greeted with our final views of the Lost Coast.

California 092California 094California 099California 102

One thought on “Lost Coast Trail

  1. What beautiful coastline. I am so glad you are sharing places I will never get to see. Thank you. Oh, and I am glad the Lost Coast has been found!!!!!


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