Yukon-rodents, rain, and robbers along the Klondike highway.

July 30th-Aug 14th 1538 miles for the trip. I’d like to start off by saying that I didn’t cry. That being said I had one hell of a week and sitting in the Moose creek lodge staring into a cup of coffee, crying felt like a very reasonable option. Since leaving Dawson city I’d had … More Yukon-rodents, rain, and robbers along the Klondike highway.

The Plan-Head South

6 days until departure All things considered it was a regular friday morning.  8 more hours of work and I’d have earned my 48 hours of freedom for the week.  I lay in bed, wide awake, completely unable to gather the will to get moving.  For some reason I was incapable of getting my feet … More The Plan-Head South

Touring Kit

For me gearing up for a big trip is always an exercise in compromise.  My approach has always been to be comfortable and safe, without bringing the kitchen sink.  I’m well aware of the difficulty that every additional gram brings especially in the beginning when you aren’t in long distance shape.  Inevitably this list will … More Touring Kit